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At Richmond General Contractors, we offer both residential general contractor services, as well as, commercial general contractor projects.  So, whether you need replacement windows, an entire home renovation, or simply need some gutter installation, we’ve got you covered.  We are the clear choice for Virginia general contractors.

Are you looking for a local general contractor to help with your project?  Do you want the project to be completed on time and under budget?  Hiring a general contractor is a key step to ensure your project does both.  

Our residential contractors in Richmond can help you design and build the perfect space you’ve been dreaming about.  Looking for an al fresco kitchen or a garage apartment addition?  No problem.  Thinking about a kitchen renovation, but not sure exactly what you want?  Our team of designers will help you find the perfect balance between budget and elegance.  Give us a call today at (804) 587-5221

Our Richmond commercial contractor team can tackle both small and large projects.  Whether you need a new commercial roof installation or an entire commercial building renovation, we can handle the project with efficiency and ease.  Give us a call today to get a free general contractor estimate at (804) 587-5221.

Richmond General Contractor Services

Is it time for a kitchen renovation? Whether your project is a new construction kitchen, kitchen wet bar, a total kitchen remodel, or you just need updated kitchen lighting, we can help. 

Our Richmond kitchen remodeling team has the experience and dedication you need to create the custom kitchen you’ve only ever dreamed about.  Our kitchen cabinetry team has an eye for detail and can help you with your kitchen space planning to get the maximum amount of counter space and cabinets while still remaining functional and beautiful. 

We pride ourselves on being the top kitchen contractors in Richmond, Va.

Are you looking for a bathroom renovation in Richmond, Va  Our quality team of bathroom remodeling contractors can help you get the task done! 

The design team will work with you to plan out the custom bathroom design you’ve been dreaming of.

  Next, we will walk you through picking the fixtures, colors, and tile that will look incredible once it’s all finished. Removing drywall, replacing fixtures, redesigning, moving plumbing and wiring, installing bathroom lighting, adding bathroom floor tile and shower tile, it’s all in a day’s work for us. 

Hire the team that has done this hundreds of times. Let’s get your custom bathroom project started today.

Are you looking to add more square footage to your home?  Renovating your basement might be the answer you are looking for.  Not only will it increase your home’s value, but you can add an extra bedroom, extra bathroom and get the man cave of your dreams. 

Every man cave needs a spot to chill with friends, and we don’t disappoint.  From incredible entertainment theater style seating to watch the big game to a designated spot for darts and a pool table, we’ve got you covered.  You are also going to need a place for snacks and drinks.  Basement wet bars are incredibly popular and we have installed our share of them.  Whether you are looking for basement wet bar cabinets with sink or just a simple basement wet bar we’ve got them.

Are you looking to add some more sq. footage to your home?  A home addition is a great way to do that.  There are several different types of home additions: Attic Conversion, Basement Conversion, Room Addition or Bump Out, Sunroom Addition, Garage Conversion, ADU or accessory dwelling unit, Garage Apartment Addition and Second Story Addition.

Our general contractor home addition team can help you design and build the option that is best for you and your families needs.  We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned.

Home additions in Richmond are becoming increasingly popular and we are the home addition builders to help you get the job done.  

Do you need to replace your siding?  Our Richmond siding contractors can help you with every step of the job: removal of current siding, preparation, insulation, new siding installation, and cosmetic touches.  As one of the top siding contractors in Richmond, Va we know every step of the process and pride ourselves on our efficiency and top quality job.  We get the job done right the first time.

As one of the premier siding companies in Richmond, VA, we offer a variety of options including Hardieplank Siding and Vinyl Siding.  We will help you find the home siding replacement that best suits your needs.  We also have a variety of siding colors for you to pick from.  Our design team can help you decide which color option is the best for your home.  We proudly serve the Richmond, Glen Allen and Chesterfield VA areas. We take pride in being one of the top siding companies in Richmond, VA.

With over 30+ years of experience, we are one of the top roofing companies in Richmond, VA.  Our quality roofers have you covered for all your roof replacement needs.  

 Our roofing contractors have the experience needed and are proud to be called a central virginia roofer.  Our customer service is top notch and we want you to feel 100% comfortable and know you are getting the best quality product for an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and believe we are the top home roofing contractors in Richmond.  We offer a variety of different types of roofing, such as Asphalt Shingle Roofs, TPO Membranes and Silicone Roof Coatings. Whether you need a commercial roofing contractor in Richmond or you are a homeowner looking for new roof installation, we offer affordable roofing.

Home Remodeling

custom master closet

Looking for  home renovation contractors?  Do you need some home repair? Richmond General Contractors is the place to go for your home improvement project.  Our home remodeling team is conveniently located in Richmond, Va and will help you with every step of the process, from the design build planning to the finishing touches of tile color, painting, custom millwork and unique lighting.  

We love doing home remodels.  There is something super satisfying about taking an outdated and awkward space and turning it into something that is not only functional, but incredibly modern and beautiful.  We pride ourselves on being the top home improvement contractor in Richmond.

So if you are looking for contractors for Richmond home renovations give us a call today at (804) 587-5221. We would love to give you a free estimate and become the home contractor you’ve been looking for.

Time for some replacement windows?  Our Richmond, VA team knows the weather concerns and will help you find the most energy efficient and best replacement window for your house with a warranty that will outlast you.  We understand the hot summers and cold winters in central Virginia and will help you navigate through all the window options to find the best fit for you.

Our Richmond window installation team can handle all your needs from custom windows to vinyl windows.  We are central Virginia’s premier window contractors.  We install new house windows as well as replacement home windows.

*Custom Windows

*Vinyl Windows


Richmond General Contractors offers both gutter installation and gutter replacement.  We offer affordable gutters and seamless gutters.  Did you know that Richmond, Virginia gets about 77 inches of rainfall per year? It is critically important to have a gutter company, such as Richmond General Contractors, move all this water away from your foundation to prevent foundational damage and cracking.  Rainfall also has a nasty way of destroying all your outside trim and warping door frames if it isn’t redirected in an appropriate manner.  Let us help you save one of your most important investments – your home.

Richmond, Va is also notorious for trees that love to clog gutters up in the fall.  Don’t forget to ask us about gutter guards.  This is an easy step to add on to your gutter replacement to prevent clogging later on down the road.  

commercial construction richmond va

Does your crawl space need a little love?  Have some insulation that needs replaced?  Maybe your vapor barrier is ripped?  Got some standing water or mold on your floor joists?  We can fix all of this! 

From removing existing debris, old damaged insulation and unsightly vapor barriers.  We get rid of it all.  Then we get rid of any bugs in the crawl space and scrub the floor framing to kill mold and mildew.

We then set up a dehumidification system or vent system to the ductwork in the crawl space.  Lastly, we will see if the yard needs graded or if you need some gutters installed to solve the issue of any standing water.

We pride ourselves on being Richmond’s top insulation company.  We know you have choices when it comes to insulation companies in Richmond, Va. and we strive to be the very best.  If you are looking for quality you can trust at an affordable price give us a call today. 

We specialize in:

∙Fiberglass Batt & Blown-In Insulation

∙Spray Foam Insulation

∙Cellulose Blown-In Insulation

∙Insulation Removal

outdoor covered porch

Looking for a patio builder in Richmond?  Outdoor living has become super popular in our area and it makes sense that you would want to spend some time entertaining your friends outside.  We can be the patio builders you’ve been looking for.  From just a simple slab of concrete to uniquely colored and stamped slabs, we can do it all.  Maybe you are looking for an outdoor covered porch or a screened outdoor room? Our Richmond patio builders can walk you through each step of the process.  We are THE patio contractors in Richmond, Va.  We make outdoor living in Richmond possible.

It only makes sense that you would want an Al Fresco Kitchen on your new patio.  Let us help you be the life of the party and THE place to be for outdoor living and entertaining. 

Mudroom Renovations

Bathroom floor tile

Tired of the kids and dog dragging mud through the house?  Need a modern mudroom design that is functional and beautiful?  We can help.

We have lots of contemporary mudroom ideas we can show you.  Whether you need a large mudroom, or simply a modern mudroom bench and cabinets installed.  We can knock out your mudroom construction project with ease

Handyman Services

renovation richmond va

Have some odds and ends around the house that need to be knocked out?  Is your honey-do list growing and you would much rather spend your Saturday watching football?  Give us a call.  We are the top handyman in Richmond, VA.  We do all the little jobs to knock out that list in no time.  We do it correctly the first time… trust the experts, not some guy you found on craigslist.  We are the trusted and affordable option.  Give us a call today to hand off your list.

Garage Builder

contractor to build a garage near me

Need an amazing garage?  We build custom garages in virginia.  We can do a detached garage with a covered walkway, attach the new garage to your home, add an apartment to an existing garage, or just add some more storage to your current structure.

So whether you are looking for a place to store your Harley, or you need some additional income.  We can help!

FAQ's About General Contracting Services

In the grand scheme of a construction project, it’s not uncommon for general contractors to manage a plethora of tasks – electrical work included.

However, they typically do not perform this work themselves unless they have the specific skills and qualifications required.

Most general contractors will hire licensed electricians to handle electrical installations and repairs.

It’s like how I design the vision of a space but rely on expert artisans to bring specific elements to life.


Hiring a general contractor can be a real game-changer.

They’ve got your back, handling all the nitty-gritty like coordinating with subcontractors and ensuring everything runs on time and within budget.

Think of it like this: someone else handles all the nitty-gritty details, so you can zero in on what really matters – the grand scheme.

Remember, a good general contractor brings peace of mind, which is priceless.

It’s a common misconception that hiring a general contractor automatically means higher costs.

While you are paying for their services, general contractors often have access to better pricing from subcontractors and can purchase materials at a lower cost.

Moreover, their know-how in running a project smoothly can actually save you cash down the line by sidestepping pricey errors and hold-ups.

Yes, a general contractor can hire another general contractor, especially for large projects that require additional management layers or specific expertise.

This is similar to how a head chef might bring in another chef with a different skill set to ensure every part of a large banquet is perfect.

Like electrical work, general contractors usually don’t do plumbing work themselves unless they have the specific qualifications.

They will typically hire a licensed plumber to ensure that all plumbing work meets the necessary codes and standards.

General contractors can oversee roofing work, and some may have the skills and license to do it themselves.

Yes! We can.  Sometimes, we will hire specialized roofing contractors to ensure that the work is done safely and correctly.

Having an expert take care of such a key element of your house is crucial.

In Richmond, it is not legal for general contractors to hire unlicensed subcontractors for work that requires a license.

It’s all about nailing every detail to the code, making sure we don’t just meet safety standards – we exceed them.

It’s like ensuring that all the ingredients in a recipe meet a certain quality standard – it’s essential for the best result.

General contractors usually get paid in installments, based on the progress of the work.

Payments are often tied to specific milestones in the project timeline.

This payment plan keeps the project in check, directly tying money exchanges to finished work.

The percentage a general contractor makes on a project can vary.

Typically, they might charge a markup on the total cost of labor and materials, which can range from 10% to 20%, or they may charge a flat fee.

The specific rate can depend on the project’s complexity and the local market.

In the world of construction and home renovation, just about anyone planning a significant project might hire a general contractor.

Homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen or add an extension to their house, business owners planning to renovate their commercial space, or real estate developers constructing new homes or buildings – they all typically need a general contractor.

It’s like when you’re planning a big family gathering; you might be the host, but you’ll need a caterer to handle the food.

Similarly, for any large-scale project, a general contractor is the go-to professional to bring all the pieces together beautifully and efficiently.

Yes, a general contractor can certainly oversee and manage demolition work as part of a larger project.

Some general contractors might have the expertise and equipment to perform the demolition themselves, while others might bring in a specialty contractor for this task.

It’s a bit like clearing out an old garden bed before planting new flowers.

Demolition is the first step in making way for something new and beautiful, and a skilled general contractor ensures it’s done safely and properly, setting the stage for the new construction.

A general contractor does so much more than just oversee construction. They are the planners, coordinators, and communicators of your project. From the moment you share your vision, they’re the ones who turn it into a plan, hire and manage the team (like carpenters, electricians, plumbers), order materials, and oversee the day-to-day operations. They’re problem-solvers, often foreseeing and addressing issues before they become real problems. It’s like how I design a space – I have to think about every detail, from the layout to the decor. A general contractor has to think about every aspect of the building process, ensuring everything comes together just as beautifully as you imagined.

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